kids escape room voor kinderen sittard limburg - mysterie van de verdwenen tovenaar
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Kids Escape Room Sittard (Limburg)

‘The mystery of the lost wizard’

(Only in Dutch)

Can you and your team help Rudimir return to the real world? The old Wizard is quite absent-minded but has left some clues so that you and your friends or family can solve the puzzles and free them within 1 hour.

So are you organizing a children’s party soon or do you want to do a fun activity with your family? Then book Children’s Escape Room ‘The Mystery of the Missing Wizard’!!

This Kids Escape Room is suitable for children from about 8 to 11 years old. There is a maximum of 6 children. Accompaniment of 1 parent in the Escape Room is desirable.

This price includes a drink and a bag of chips. One companion per group may enter free of charge.

  • 2 tot 6 players
  • 60 minutes
  • 8 - 11 years (accompanied by an adult)
  • Dutch only
  • From €90 per team
  • Difficulty level 30% 30%
  • Escape Rate 80% 80%
  • Fear Factor 10% 10%
  • Physical effort 30% 30%
kids escape room voor kinderen sittard limburg - mysterie van de verdwenen tovenaar

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is an exciting and mysterious real-life game. Jij en je team (2-5/6 personen, afhankelijk van de Escape Room) worden opgesloten in een kamer en jullie doel is ontsnappen, en wel binnen 1 uur! Een zenuwslopend en uitdagend spel waar je onder de tijdsdruk op zoek gaat naar puzzels, raadsels en hints en waarbij samenwerking tot het gewenste resultaat zal leiden, namelijk ontsnappen in 60 minuten.


How many teams can be in the Escape Room at the same time?

By order of the fire brigade, a maximum of 5/6 people are allowed in the room at the same time because of security and room size. Due to the level of difficulty of the room, there is (depending on the Escape Room) a minimum of 2 people per game. Per hour 4 teams can play in 'regular' Escape Rooms. 2 - 4 people can also play in a VR Escape Room.


Can we also play the Escape Room with 2 people?

You can, but this is only recommended if you have experience. The game remains the same and there are as many puzzles to solve as with a group of 6 people.


Mogen wij de Escape Room ook met 7 personen spelen?

We always recommend making the group smaller instead of larger because this way each participant will be more involved. We understand that this is not always possible, and we do allow it to play with 7 people. In this case, the costs are € 132, -. This is not possible in Escape Room 'The Lost Wizard'.


How long does an Escape Room last?

Each group will have a maximum of 1 hour to find the exit. If the group has not found the exit after 1 hour, the game has unfortunately come to an end. Extension is not possible due to other reserved groups.


Is the game suitable for everyone?

An Escape Room is an exciting and mysterious real-life game and is extremely suitable as a unique outing with your family, group of friends, bachelor party, and colleagues.

The rooms are less suitable for children under 11/12 years old, from 11/12 years old children may participate accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately, our building is not suitable for people with very limited mobility or who are confined to a wheelchair. Participating in this game is always at your own risk. The game is not dangerous but can be exciting at times. People with a pacemaker are unfortunately discouraged to participate in the game. People with epilepsy are also advised against playing the game. Please bear in mind that sometimes (very) narrow passages and small spaces can be part of the Escape Room.


Is the Escape Room suitable as a company outing?

Yes, the Escape Room is even very suitable as a team outing! The Escape Rooms of Escape Centrum Limburg are an exciting, challenging, and educational real-life game for colleagues during a staff outing or as a team building activity. An Escape Room is the ideal way to literally experience cooperation and is therefore particularly suitable for team building! In a playful way you meet yourself and your colleagues in a short period of time and there is a lot to learn from that! Just like in business, in the Escape Room there is clearly a common goal, and you must work together to achieve that goal within a deadline. Communication, cooperation but also fun is what it's all about here.

With 4 Escape Rooms, 23 people can play at the same time per hour. If you add a VR Escape Room to that, 27 people can play simultaneously per hour. We also have a Virtual Reality Experience, Axe Throwing and a (B)Arcade.

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