Escape Rooms

A nerve-racking and challenging adventure in which you have to escape within 1 hour. Solve puzzles, riddles and work together to find your way out.

VR Escape Rooms

Explore the world of Virtual Reality. Our VR Escape Games are more than just solving puzzles, all senses are stimulated! An adventure that is larger than life.

VR Experience

Step into the exciting world of Virtual Reality with our VR Experience! A thrilling and adventurous experience with your kids, friends and colleagues. Plenty of choice in games.

Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing, let that primal feeling come up in you and throw the Axe, with all you’ve got, in the target. Axe Throwing is an activity for everyone, wether your man or woman, short or small. The newest activity for groups of friends, colleagues, family or bachelor parties.


Explore the newest Pinball Machines like ‘Stranger Things’ but also the classic ones like ‘Medieval Madnes’. Race the Formule 1 Circuit and play all the Arcade Games as Pong, Catch The Light and Terminator.