What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a trilling and exciting real-life game for groups of friends, families, bachelor parties, colleagues and everyone that likes (online) games. By solving puzzles and riddles and working together as a team you try to escape. You only have 1 hour.

How many persons can enter the Escape Room at the same time?

At the moment we have 4 Escape Rooms. Because of fire regulations there is a restriction of maximum 5/6 persons to enter 1 Room at the same time. We can host up to 23 persons at once in 4 Escape Rooms.

Can we play with 2 people?

If you have experience in playing Escape Rooms, it can be done by just the 2 of you.

Can we play with 7 persons in the same Escape Room?

We would always reccommend making the group smaller instead of larger. But if you really would like to play with 7 persons in one Escape Room, we will let you. The costs will be € 127,-.

What is a VR Escape Room?

The game starts when you put on the VR headset. You have to work together like in a normal Escape Room however in this game you are able to do things you cannot do in real-life, like shooting and climbing across dizzying height in a magnificent surrounding. Depending on which VR Escape Room, it can be played with 2,3 or 4 persons.

How long does the game take?

Every group will have only 1 hour to escape. If you haven’t found the exit when 1 hour has passed, the game ends. It’s not possible to extend the hour because of waiting groups. 

Can anyone play the game?

We offer a trilling and exciting real-life game for groups of friends, families, bachelor parties, colleagues and everyone that likes (online) games. By solving puzzles and riddles and working together as a team you try to escape, you only have 1 hour. Hellstreet 666 isn’t suitable for kids younger than 12 years old, kids aged 13 years and older can play the game but only when accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately our building isn’t fit for people that are in a wheelchair or cannot walk stairs. Playing the game is always at your own risk. The game isn’t dangerous at all but can be scary. Unfortunately people with a pacemaker or people that have epilepsy can’t play the game. Please note that very narrow passages and small rooms can be part of the Escape Room.

Is the Escape Room suitable for teambuilding?

Of course, the game is very suitable teambuilding. Colleagues need to work very closely and communicate well to solve the puzzles and escape the room. Please bare in mind that there is a maximum of 6 persons per Escape Room, but with 4 Escape Rooms we can host 23 persons at a time. Of course we can book connecting times for groups that are larger or they can choose other activities such as VR Experience, (B)Arcade or Axe Throwing.

What are the costs?

Click here for information about our rates. Rates include a free (non alcoholic) drink for every participant and free use of our pinball machine, dart board, table football and board games that are in our lounge. 

Is it safe to play an Escape Room?

Safety is very important for us! Our building is approved by the Fire Department and we are checked regularly. Our building has linked smoke detectors and we have fire extinguishers. Also there is a clearly marked escape route. During the game there is always an employee watching and listening. They are there to help the group during the game but also for safety reasons. Also our Escape Rooms are never locked.

What is a Virtual Reality Experience?

You don’t need any experience with computer games to explore the world of Virtual Reality. Accompanied by one of our employees you can chose your games and they will guide you during the game. It is a unique experience that feels very realistic, you literally feel the butterflies in your stomach while riding the roller coaster. We have a lot of different games; The Plank Experience, Russian Roller Coaster, Fruit Ninja, Super Hot, Job Simulator, Beat Saber and many more.

How can I make a reservation?

A reservation can only be made trough our online reservation system. Click here for our online reservation system.

How do I cancel my reservation?

A cancellation received more than 48 hours prior to arrival is free of charge. To cancel your reservation, please send an email to info@escapecentrumlimburg.nl stating your name, reserved date and time. Any cancellation received within 48 hours prior to your reserved time slot is charged at 50% of the sum.

How do I pay for my reservation?

You can pay upon arrival, we accept cash and debit card payments (no creditcards)

Where are you located?

We are located in the city centre of Sittard. Our address is Helstraat 16, Sittard, Netherlands.

What time should we arrive?

Before you enter the room we will give you a brief introduction. We kindly ask you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your reserved time. The time mentioned in your confirmation is the start time of the game, please make sure you arrive 10 minutes prior to that time.

Can we play the game if we don’t speak Dutch?

Yes, all games can be played in English as well. Please let us know in advance.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes! Call us at +31-613537112 or email us at info@escapecentrumlimburg.nl for more information.