Escape in 60 nerve-racking minutes!

Escape Centre Limburg in Sittard offers a trilling and exciting real-life game for groups of friends, families, bachelor parties, colleagues and everyone that likes (online) games. By solving puzzles and riddles and working together as a team you try to escape. You only have 1 hour.

Watch the exciting trailer of Hellstreet 666 here:

Watch the exciting trailer of The Haunted Office here:


Hellstreet 666
60 minuten

Are you and your team ready to discover the secrets of father Jean and find your way out of this nerve-wrecking, sinister room?

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The Haunted Office

What did the 2nd prototype computer of E.V.I.L. computer have to do with the bizarre events that took place here in the eighties?

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Check out some of the room impressions